DvTUK Southwest

Organisation Description

DvTUK Southwest is an informal organisation that has never got close to making any money but has often facilitated fun and unusual (and sometimes healing) play. We have organised and facilitated gatherings in the Southwest of the UK for over 10 years now. Some of these have been led by pioneers in the practice of developmental transformations (DvT), including Dr David Read Johnson, Dr Nisha Sajnani and Dr Jason Butler.

COVID has hit DvT playors and players like a huge hammer on the head (or like winter freeze over). This is because the play holds the potential for close contact and noisy raucous behaviour as well as distanced, quiet and contemplative playful interaction.

Workshops and Groups
  • We (Tracey Wills and Martin Redfern) used to facilitate morning gatherings, normally in Exeter, about every 6 weeks. The mornings were followed by bring-and-share lunches for those who wanted to stay on until about 2 pm. The events were informal and experiential and included a mix of short witnessed 1:1 play sessions (20 mins each) and whole group play session (typically 40 mins). Sometimes people were interested in the theory too...

    DvT is generally seen as approach to dramatherapy but can be practiced in other forms. It was developed in the US with populations that were working at recovering from severe trauma. It is now practiced worldwide, especially in the US, The Netherlands and Israel but also in the UK, The Czech Republic, Belgium, China and France. The next European DvT conference will be in Belgium in May 2022.