Stephanie Wallace

Dramatherapy can assist you in processing, playing and re-writing scripts which no longer serve you positively. If you need a non-judgemental space to have your experience validated, to connect, and to untangle difficult feelings then I can help. As a trained therapist, I am skilled at creating beneficial therapeautic relationships with people and will meet you where you are at, regardless of your difficulties at the time. We will work at your pace on your personal journal of healing, be that working on self-acceptance, self-esteem, untangling personal circumstances, managing your anxiety/depression, bereavement, or personal trauma.

I offer a neutral space where we can explore your life in a variety of ways. I have a wide range of techniques both verbal, non-verbal and creative which can be tailored to your needs. 

We find ourselves in the middle of a difficult storm, and everyone will be experiencing the hardships that this brings. Old wounds may be hurting more. Anxiety may be feeling more and more intense. Let's explore your story together. I have experience predominately with people ages 8 - 30 & I am offering online sessions at the current time.