Katie MacDonald

I am a Bristol based Dramatherapist, I currently work with children and young people for a therapy service called OTR (Off the Record) as well as on the Camhs crisis team in central Bristol. As well as gaining a degree in English literature, I hold an MA in Dramatherapy (distinction) from Roehampton University, London. I have specialised in working in inpatient units with adolescents and adult women who experience acute mental health health problems due to history of trauma, as well as working with children in primary schools.

I offer a safe, confidential, nurturing and creative space where you may begin the process of exploring the different parts of self that may require attention and care that are showing up experience of distress. I base my work on psychological models of thought such as Carl Jung's 'collective unconscious', this means we may use symbols or imagery to help you understand how it is to be you and to use creative ways to work through deeper thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I hope our work may nurture your innate wisdom, creativity and compassion for yourself in order to feel more resilient and  more connected in mind and body. 

A particular interest of mine is relationship between well-being and spirituality, my thesis researched how the practice of dramatherapy may facilitate moments of mind-body-spirit connection in clients. I believe that dramatherapy can invite clients into the mystical, spiritual realm and can be powerful resource for well-being. I have recently joined the Dramatherapy Southwest Committee. I am a fully registered member of the Health Professions Council and the British Association of Dramatherapists and work within their code of practice.