Molly Holland

In 2010, I began my Dramatherapy training. Since graduating, I have worked as a Creative Attachment Therapist for Catchpoint Consultancy CIC with adopted and fostered people and their families as well as running a private Dramatherapy practice.

Integration of the self is an important through self expression is an important value in my practice. This means connecting with our inner-self and expressing both the pain and joy that we feel. 

I use role-play, story making and creative improvisation to help self expression and support a more caring relationship with ones inner-self in its entirety so we can tell our authentic story and listen to other people tell theirs.

I am a Playback Theatre practitioner and celebrate spontaneity as a way of bringing the important stories that live within us to life.

No previous experience in drama or any creative activity is necessary to have Dramatherapy. If you would like to find out more please contact me.