Rosie Strain

I am a Bristol based Dramatherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Educator & Storyteller and have been in practice since 2006. As well as a Bachelors degree in Theatre & Art History I hold a Masters degree in Dramatherapy.

My work is based within the psychotherapeutic 'Humanistic' and 'Person-Centred models which follow the principles of facilitating the therapy according to the needs of the client rather than fitting the client to the pre-planned therapy session. My aim is to lay emphasis on the well being of the whole person, not only considering a person's behaviour and choices but helping them explore their self image, social environment and biography. My approach is to base the therapy around the present needs of the client, taking into account their choices, impulses and present emotional state.

I also consider the developmental stages of the individual and how this can affect and influence their ability to connect with the therapy. While past events are important to consider, the focus is from the perspective of the 'here and now' allowing the client to respond to their internal needs through their current life circumstances. The 'content' of each session is based around the immediate emotional needs of the client and I facilitate accordingly

Stories as a therapeutic tool is a particular interest of mine. Having written my thesis on the therapeutic use of Dramatherapy and Stories I have found that certain stories, myths and fairy tales provide a safe outlet for clients to examine particular relationships, experiences and life events.

You can find out more about my work with the therapeutic use of stories through my website @ 

I am a fully registered member of the Health Professions Council and the British Association of Dramatherapists and work within their Code of Practice.