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Join us for Dramatherapy Southwest's 2021 Summer Conference, for a day of playful mess, an outdoor experiential workshop (yes, even though we're online) drama, art, movement, playfulness and connection.

Our theme for the conference is Awaiting the Dawn. We want to take this opportunity to recognise the night that we leave behind as we begin to emerge from the darkness of this pandemic; personally, professionally, locally and globally. We want to mark a point of emergence from these many difficult months into the dawn of a new day, meeting what is yet to come with different eyes, with hope and celebration for a future that can be changed and transformed.

In that liminal space of daybreak, in the magical light that lifts the darkness before the sunrise, we see the promise of transformation, a space of transition from darkness to light, unconscious processing to conscious awakening. We invite you to explore this with us through drama, ritual, reflection and celebration.


Please note: Further programme information and welcome document will be emailed after booking is complete.